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A New Look From Indigo Creations: Coming Soon

Indigo Creations is undergoing a little refresh. What is changing and what does it mean for you?

If you've been watching closely, you may have noticed our new IC logo around the website and on some product labels. The change is a part of a mini-rebrand as we update and modernize our look. Indigo Creations handcrafted home and body products will continue to have the same high quality you expect, but we're excited for what the new look will add to the experience– read more to learn why we're making the swap and what you should expect!

The old vs. the new Indigo Creations logo

The logo isn't the only thing changing! Our classic handpoured tumbler candles will also have a more modernized look, with sleeker labels, engraved wooden lids, and a minimalist black and white color scheme. Packaging across most of our products will also be shifting towards this simpler look going forward. We expect the updates to have a number of benefits beyond just appearance though.

Why Indigo creations is updating our look

The original purple butterfly logo held a lot of personal meaning, but we hope that the new logo is just as recognizable while allowing you enough room to find your own meaning in your favorite IC products in your journey to Relax, Restore, and Inspire.

Why we're excited about the new look:


Benefit #1: Expanded product selection

Indigo Creations is more than just candles now, and we've loved finding new ways to bring our commitment to quality ingredients handcrafted with care to other product categories. The versatility of the new minimalist logo gives us the freedom to continue to do this. The slimmer profile of the new logo means that it fits comfortably on smaller items, like our Oats and Honey Face Care Line. Sticking to simple black and white also helps; we don't have to worry about clashes when it comes to colorful offerings like Indigo Creations handmade detergent free soaps or metallic jar wooden wick candles!

The new look lets us continue to expand our product offerings to help you Restore, Relax, and Inspire.

Benefit #2: Greater Consistency

While we enjoyed the charm of seasonal candle colors, it did pose some challenges when it came to managing inventory. Juggling our growing selection of Indigo Creations candle scents with several different tumbler color options led to dozens of possible combinations, which was especially tricky in between seasons. By shifting to a narrower range of tumbler colors, we can focus more on delivering the clean burning Indigo Creations candles you love with less seasonal and color constraints. This allows us to continue expanding our fragrance offerings while maintaining a consistent look year-round.

Simplifying our glass tumbler options has also allowed us to add our metallic wooden wick and Luxe options, adding more exciting variety to the collection!

Benefit #3: Avoiding Delays and Price Increases

Product and shipping costs have increased this year, and we're doing our best to avoid passing those costs on to you. Streamlining our look makes it easier for us to work at scale, placing larger but less frequent orders from our partners. This helps us to keep prices down and minimizes the impact of shipping delays. Not only do we love the new Indigo Creations look, but we also love being able to keep your favorites affordable and in stock!

What you should expect

These changes will take some time to roll out, and we hope you'll enjoy them as much as we do! We expect to have mostly moved to the new look by mid-Summer 2022.

Here's what that means for you in the meantime:


Some Overlap Between Old and New

For the next few months, you may still receive products using the previous Indigo Creations logo or color. New scents and additions will proceed with the new style, but not all existing inventory has been updated as of today. Although both versions will have the same high quality, it is possible that you will receive our 1.0 look for certain items until our stock has been fully refreshed.

Rebranding Sales and Discounts

To help make the transition a little smoother, we need to make room for our new look! You can expect to see sales and discounts on Indigo Creations candles and body products that still feature the previous logo and styling. If you're in Chicagoland, come visit us at a local market to take advantage of these savings. If you aren't nearby, consider signing up for our mailing list to be notified as these discounts are applied to our online shop as well.

Faster Turnaround

As you know if you've attended an Indigo Creations candle making class, testing is a huge part of what we do. No combination of candle container, wick, and scent leaves our doors without being quality and safety tested! Streamlining the look lets us streamline this process, since there are fewer tumbler varieties to test. Ultimately, this change should lead to quicker and more consistent turnaround for your Indigo Creations orders going forward.

We Appreciate your Patience

Hopefully this post does a good job explaining the benefits of our shift towards the Indigo Creations 2.0 look. We really expect this to be a win-win situation once it's fully rolled out, and we hope that you will think so too! In the meantime, we deeply appreciate your patience, understanding, and feedback as we undertake this effort!

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