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Meet our skin care stars


Oh Honey (Cleanser)- Combines the power of organic honey and oat extract to cleanse skin. Aloe and lavender extracts Soothe and balance, while Vitamin E and Provitamin B5 help fight stress and damage.


Bright Side (AM Moisturizer)- A lightweight formula with a moisturizing punch featuring meadowfoam and jojoba oils, vitamins C and E support a healthy glow, while honeyquat (a conditioner made from honey) helps skin hold on to moisture all day.


Dream Cream (PM Moisturizer) - Featuring shea butter and jojoba oil for intense overnight hydration. Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and propolis extract work while you sleep to support the skin barrier and fight signs of stress and aging. Calendula oil soothes skin to balance tone and texture.


Time Oat! (Facial Toner) - Made with 90% organic ingrediants, including aloe and white willow bark extract to soften and refresh skin. Orange blossom water and allatoin help to improve complextion while tea tree oil and niacinamide fight breakouts and irritation.


Smooth As Can Bee (Facial Scrub Bar) - Real Oats and Honey naturally exfoliate skin for a deeper clean. Buttermilk helps to even complextion, while calendula extract and turmeric add an anti-inflammatory boost. A rich, creamy lather with no artificial detergents.


Bee Yourself (Face Mask) - Harness the clarifying power of kaolin clay without stripping skin. Instead, shea butter and a grapeseed and sunflower oil blend deliver deep hydration. Honey powder and colloidal oatmeak work to calm skin while you relax.


*Paraben Free *Sulfate Free *Phthalate Free *Plant Extracts *Natural Oils


When you order our skincare stars, you will recieve our "routine card" to help you enhance your skin care regimen.

Oats and Honey Face Care


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