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Five Reasons to be Excited for the Chicagoland Outdoor Market Season

With warmer weather comes outdoor farmer's markets and craft fairs in the Naperville area, and the opportunity to shop local and connect with your community.

With highs in the 80s forecasted for this week, it seems like warm weather is finally (we hope!) here to stay in the west suburbs. It's perfect timing for us, since this weekend features the Oak Brook Artisan Market and the official start of the Chicagoland outdoor market season for Indigo Creations.

Despite the hassle of the early starts, packing, and set up, it's always an exciting time for us! We love being able to meet with shoppers and other crafters at the outdoor markets around Naperville and share quality handmade goods and a bit of community spirit. It's one of the many reasons to get excited for the upcoming season!

Reason #1 - Connecting With Your Community

This one feels especially key after a rough couple of years dealing with the isolation of the pandemic. At Chicagoland outdoor markets, you'll get to meet with people, crafters, and small businesses based in the area! Unlike the "get in and get out" approach at the supermarket, or the even lonelier experience of clicking "Buy Now" at Amazon, trips to local farmer's markets and craft fairs come with connection and conversation.

Even when you're only browsing, you can pick up a business card or strike up a chat that lets you learn something new about the variety of crafts, creativity, and culture that exists in the Naperville area. Let's see Walmart or Costco do that!

Reason #2 - Finding Something Unique

At a traditional store, most products are mass produced, corporate owned, and nationally available. But at your local Chicagoland outdoor market, you can find something handcrafted and one-of-a-kind. Imagine trying a product made by someone you actually met, or gifting something that is only made in one place! With crafts like clothing, woodwork, and jewelry, you could have the only exact copy of your piece! Even the Indigo Creations farmer's market select often features limited edition scents and exclusive products made in single batches.

If you can't make it to a Naperville craft show, consider visiting Painted Tree Naperville! It's like an indoor, year-round craft market where you'll find goods from many local small businesses---including Indigo Creations at E19!

Reason #3 - Shop and Support Local

It’s always been a great idea to support local entrepreneurship, but with rising concerns about supply lines and shipping delays, it has more advantages than ever! Products made within the community don't have to be shipped, flown, or trucked from distant warehouses, which reduces overhead and environmental costs.

Buying from local businesses also keeps the economic benefits closer to home---nearly 75% of money spent at local businesses stays local while less than half of money spent at national chains does. This supports the job and property markets in our communities. Vendors at Chicagoland outdoor markets also care more about the local environment, because we live here too!

Reason #4 - Made with Quality, Knowledge, and Care

As with most other crafters, makers, and growers you’ll find at Chicagoland farmer’s markets, the Indigo Creations project was born out of a hobby turned passion. Our products are made with care, because we care. Homecrafters care about their own safety, families, pets, and reputation, and generally put the extra effort in to ensure they are sending a quality product from their home to yours.

Big box retailers face a lot of pressure to maximize profits, which can lead to using cheap materials and outsourced ingredients to cut costs. But when you buy a homemade Indigo Creations candle or body product at a Naperville craft fair, you know there isn’t anything in them that we wouldn’t use in our own homes…because they are homemade!

Want to know what an ingredient does or how something is made? The makers at Naperville outdoor markets have the knowledge about their crafts and are happy to share! Your feedback also goes much further with vendors who are your neighbors because we want to see smiles on your faces when we see you around town.

The Indigo Creations Key West candle was originally seasonal, but positive feedback from repeat visitors at the Naperville 95th Street Farmer’s Market encouraged us to make it available year round.

Reason #5 - You Can Make a Day of It!

Many Chicagoland area outdoor markets are scheduled as a part of larger community events, like the Old Canal Days artisan market in Lockport. In addition to shopping with local crafters and makers, you can take part in the whole festival which includes a carnival, live music, food trucks, a beer garden, fireworks, and more!

Even smaller markets will offer a unique slice of your local community culture to experience. There aren't a lot of places where you can pick up locally grown produce, unique home décor, freshly baked treats, a handpoured candle, a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, and more all in one place! Now imagine also getting to enjoy a sunny day out with your neighbors, and it's easy to see why it's a great way to spend a weekend afternoon.

Visit Indigo Creations at Naperville Outdoor Markets

In addition to our regular presence at the 95th Street Farmer's Market on Thursdays, Indigo Creations will be visiting a number of other Chicagoland outdoor markets and craft fairs throughout the season. If you're in the area, we would love to see you there!

Check the Indigo Creations Events page for a listing of more upcoming markets where you can enjoy all of the above benefits and more.

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